• Aman Ghei

State of European FinTech 2021

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Click here to view the document: https://docsend.com/view/ii4bnrimuxtbuw4q.

This is the 6th edition on the State of European FinTech and predictions for the year ahead. In this edition we cover 5 topics:

(1) How well did we predict 2021?

(2) The 2021 European FinTech landscape

(3) Capital market and M&A implications for FinTech valuations & exits,

(4) Events that might stall the FinTech “Blast” and

(5) Our FinTech themes for 2022

Finch Capital is a growth investor in financial technology. We back companies generating €2-5m in revenue investing €5 to €10m initially and help them scale to €20 to €50m revenues by building sustainable and capital efficient business models. We specialize in software companies transforming financial services who deploy various technology stacks (incl. AI/ML, IoT). We’ve invested in ±45 companies including Fourthline, Goodlord, Grab, Hiber, Twisto, AccountsIQ, ZOPA and Symmetrical.


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