20 July 2022

8 Trends Shaping Digital Health

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 20.43.12.png

With healthcare systems around Europe coming under the microscope particularly post 2020, we at Finch Capital are spending more time to understand what specific software solutions can be used to tackle some of the emerging problems across primary and secondary care. Last year, we invested in Lantum that are building workforce management software for these 2 care verticals.

Unlike the US, European healthcare systems involve private and public sector working together to create a payer system that is matches the needs of that particularly country. While each country in Europe is different, the concept of universal healthcare remains consistent.

That brings its own challenges, particularly around efficiency. Resource constraints is the primary driver for inefficiencies, and we spend time thinking about how software can solve these problems. There are a number of European companies that are making great progress in their niches' like Lantum, Birdie, HelloSelf, Telemedi - Digital Health Platform, Accurx, Kry, Doctolib amongst many others.

The next year will be an interesting time for digital health. Health systems are always hard to sell into. But will health be more "recession-proof" as one would naturally think, or will certain technologies break through the sales cycle barrier (like the telehealth providers did in 2020).