George Coehlo


George Coelho was a co-founder of Balderton Capital (formerly known as Benchmark Capital, Europe). Before founding Balderton, he was Vice President of Intel International and led all of Intel Corporation’s strategic Venture Capital investment activities outside the U.S. Preceding that he was a founder of the group, which evolved to become Intel Capital. Prior to Intel, he held senior executive positions with Nomura Securities and UBS in Silicon Valley.


Sample transactions where he has been an early investor include Broadcom and Citrix (US), PCCW (China), Trend Micro (Japan) and Betfair, LoveFilm, ZOPA and Wonga (UK). Coelho has successfully brought companies to flotation on stock exchanges throughout the world. Today these companies represent over $50 billion in market capitalization.


Today he is a Board member of Tendril Inc. (USA) and Bern Stock Exchange-listed Aventron AG (CH),  manages clean energy investor Good Energies’ remaining Venture Capital portfolio and is founder of Quadia Ventures. He was previously Chairman of Octo Telematics (UK), the leading Global insurance telematics company.