We are now Finch Capital

We are now Finch Capital. We are thrilled to announce our new brand, Finch Capital, which reflects the firm’s financial technology focus and its global reach with an emphasis on Europe and South East Asia.Finch Capital is the new brand name for the firm and its fund, Finch Capital Fund II, previously known as Orange Growth Capital (OGC) and OGC Fund II respectively. Originally named Orange Growth Capital, our previous brand reflected the firm’s Dutch heritage, although we increasingly found there was confusion in the market that we may be connected with similar named groups. As a result, we felt we needed a new name and brand which reflected international positioning and our agility to work with early stage financial technology businesses. OGC Fund I (Dutch ICT fund Growth Fund I) will not be rebranded.

In the last eighteen months, we have grown the team and are now eight strong. We have added two additional offices to our Netherlands HQ whereby our bases are in three strategic locations: Amsterdam, London and Singapore. The enlarged team and three offices mean that we are well equipped to continue our strategy of investing in financial technology businesses, covering Europe and South East Asia. We see the European-South East Asia regions as the most significant ones for financial technology activity in the foreseeable future.

There are market dynamics in place that provide exciting investment opportunities for us:

  • Europe’s financial services sector represents 30% of GDP: it is well established but ripe for innovation from financial technology companies looking to support existing infrastructure.

  • By contrast, in Southeast Asia, the opportunity lies in the new technologies that are, for the first time, providing financial services to a large underserved market.

  • Indonesia is a particular interest of ours as it is predicted to be the world’s 4th largest economy by 2050.

As you may be aware Finch Capital invests in innovative technology companies that are driving the transformation of the financial services industry. Our portfolio companies are solving problems associated with legacy financial services systems and innovating to increase revenue, reduce costs and improving customer interactions. We then work closely with our portfolio companies as active investors to help them penetrate their target markets and take their businesses to the next growth stage.We are also today excited to announce two new investments today, whose new innovative offerings are transforming their respective markets. We led Series A investments in Ikbenfrits, a digital mortgage broker based in the Netherlands, and in Ayopop, an Indonesian mobile bill payment platform. You can read more about our investments here Our other recent investments are also participating in the transformation of the financial services markets, and include UK digital mortgage broker Trussle; Dutch insurance platform Digital Insurance Group; Switzerland-based customer insight software company Squirro; Spanish security policy automation company Intelliment; and Indonesian digital financial services provider Cermati. We are extremely excited about the opportunities we continue to see and are privileged to play a part in working with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into market leaders.


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