Flowrence, Sourcing Reinvented

The year 2020 taught us a lot of lessons and shaped the way we do business today. Even the Venture Capital industry is affected by the pandemic from a portfolio, day to day and sourcing perspective.

For many VCs, investing in the right team is everything. However, having the world shifting online makes it difficult to meet and establish relationships. The VC industry is very competitive and a lot has to do with the reputation and network you develop over the years.

Given that great companies and founders are scarce, we at Finch Capital decided to reinvent the way we source start-ups, evaluate companies and identify emerging trends. Hence, we developed an in-house build data-driven market analyst tool named Flowrence.

So how does Flowrence work?

Flowrence monitors the startup news cycle and uses the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to map out the global startup ecosystem. It understands 30 different languages and uses the latest technology from Stanford and Google, as well as our own portfolio company Aylien.

Flowrence tracks thousands of early investors and angel networks, media organizations, government agencies, and social media platforms in order to build a complete view of the latest trends in innovation within the markets we focus. Flowrence integrates directly with our CRM and enables us to have unprecedented access to 99% of the deal-flow within our investment themes.

Flowrence Diagram
Flowrence: Leverage Finch Capital Machine Learning in sourcing and understanding emerging investment trends

Even though the development of the technology is still in its early days, we’ve already managed to get a great understanding of various trends and have built a robust deal pipeline.

Given the early success, Finch Capital is determined to continue its development of Flowrence.


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